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Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center

Established in 1991, the UCLA Claude Pepper Older Americans Independence Center (OAIC) is designed to maintain and restore the independence of older persons. The UCLA Center's theme, "Inflammation, Aging, and Independance."

Funding Opportunities

Research Cores

  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Research Operations
  • Analysis and Cost-effectiveness
  • Inflammatory Biology

Support provided by all Research Cores:

  • Consulting (e.g., few hours of advice, reading a paper or proposal)
  • Ongoing or long term partnership (e.g., purchase services)
  • Partnership on new proposals
  • Research Services Funding for the use of services from OAIC Research Resource Cores
  • (contact Resource Core Director for information)

Services Provided by the Research Cores

Recruitment and Retention Core (RRC)
Core director: Catherine A. Sarkisian, MD, MS

Services Provided:

  • Identification of potential recruitment sites
  • Review and modification of recruitment and retention plans for minority groups
  • Introductions to specific community service/advocacy organizations
  • Assistance with enrollment and retention in specific studies
  • Access to Community Action Board of leaders in aging services network

Research Operations Core (ROC)
Core director: Teresa E. Seeman, PhD
Core co-director: Heather McCreath, PhD

Services Provided:

  • Data collection support
  • Data management services
  • Use of web and Access based applications for data management and tracking
  • Proposal preparation
  • Develop, review, and maintain data security procedures

Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness Core (ACEC)
Core director: Arun Karlamangla, MD, PhD

Services Provided:

  • Analytical Support in Study Design (selection of analytic strategy and sample size/power issues)
  • Interpretation and Accurate Description of Findings
  • Analysis support by an OAIC data analyst with masters or PhD level training to projects of junior researchers doing aging research

Inflammatory Biology Core (IBC)
Core director: Michael Irwin, MD, PhD
Core co-director: Elizabeth Breen, PhD

Services Provided:

  • Sample collection
  • Measures of plasma/serum immune and/or inflammatory markers
  • Cellular protein markers
  • Molecular assays of cytokine production
  • Consultation for referral to UCLA microarray core for genomic assessments of inflammatory activity and its cellular impact
  • Telomere length and telomerase assays

UCLA OAIC General Questions